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What's a PBX? It stands for Private Branch Exchange, which allows multiple extensions to share a few phone lines. You don't need to pay for an individual phone line for each of your employees, and you don't need a dedicated fax line. To face the tough competition in the business scenario, it is important to maintain good relations with your customers. By implementing the affordable, more efficient PABX / PBX telephone system, you can provide quality services for your customers through flawless communication without making heavy capital investments. Through this phone system outgoing calls to home and overseas locations can be made at minimum call charges and unlimited extensions can be maintained any time from the existing connection. For utilizing the versatile features of PABX / PBX phone systems, the user is not required to buy and maintain expensive PABX / PBX equipment. The service providers keep the equipment in their premises and offer PABX / PBX services using high speed Internet or dedicated telephone connections. PABX / PBX features can be incorporated in your existing telephone connection; thereby you can avoid additional operating expenses.

PABX / PBX phone systems are incorporated with a range of advanced features that help to enhance internal and external communication as well as your business image. These include automatic call distribution, call forwarding, call conferencing, auto attendant, voicemail, voice to email delivery, fax, fax to email forwarding, caller ID, message notifications, music on hold, call waiting and so on. Call forwarding options of a PABX / PBX phone system enables you to attend calls on your alternate land phones and cell connections. So you can always remain connected with your customers, employees and business office from any location. Calls arriving during peak business hours can be directed to the advanced voicemail system, so the callers can place voice messages. These can be forwarded to your email account as audio files, so that you can check them conveniently. Success in business these days takes more than the telephone and traditional PBX equipment. It requires IP telephony solutions to support voice over IP (VoIP), open standards like SIP, mobile workers and the unified voice and data communications business now demands. PABX Telephony Solution offers everything the modern enterprise needs in your choice of all-in-one IP telephony solutions to fit your organization, scaling from 10 users to more than 15,000 users.

Our unified communications solutions offer broad integration to business systems and expanded mobility. Replace multiple legacy hardware communication systems with a single all-in-one platform and application suite architect ed for SIP and networked VoIP Reduce your total cost of ownership by centralizing system administration to one interface, converging voice and data on a single network, and lowering overall maintenance Increase security with advanced voice encryption methods and fewer access points for system "break-ins" Support business growth and enterprise expansion with simple application licensing, not additional hardware, middle ware and costly capital expenditures. Save up front and save going forward: CompuMate Dubai PABX Telephony Solution is built to save you money.

Use IP phones and skip the second network. If you're just starting out and haven't wired your new office yet, you can save even more by using CompuMate Dubai PABX Telephony Solution with IP telephones. Since IP phones share your computer network, you don't need two different networks. Less wire, less equipment, less complication and, of course, less expense. Use VoIP to reduce or eliminate long distance bills ; CompuMate Dubai PABX Telephony Solution works with VoIP as well as it does with the traditional network. You can connect multiple branches over the Internet or integrate offerings from VoIP service providers.

CompuMate @ PABX IP PBX Infrastructure solutions.

Have you ever had difficulty deciding which telephone system, PABX or IP PBX or Confused with the brand you would like to go for: Purchasing hardware and software for a business gets very complex, very quickly. Which vendors provide the best service? CompuMate has years of experience helping its customers to manage their equipment procurement. We help take the headaches out of ordering and tracking the lifecycle of computer equipment so you can focus on your business operations.
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